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What is Cloud Hosting for Hosting A Website

What is Cloud Hosting for Hosting A Website

When hosting a website, it is comparable to looking for somewhere for your website to live.

In the past, some midsize to larger businesses utilized in-house servers to manage their data. Today, it is more common to store data on what are called cloud servers – or offsite storage. Today, local, in-house storage doesn’t really make sense from both a cost and data safety perspective.

While businesses are likely hosting large amounts of data, hosting a website often requires a far less robust server environment. Therefore, cloud hosting make even more sense.

What does Cloud Website Hosting Mean when Hosting a Website

When it comes to hosting a website, typically we refer to “the cloud” as the server – most commonly a shared hosting environment – where a website is stored and accessed via the internet.  Shared hosting account for a good portion of website hosting and are typically large servers broken up into smaller portions that are then leased out to individual customers.  It is very comparable to an apartment complex where a tenant rents a smaller portion of a larger building. Most webmasters rent space from what is often referred to as a hosting company.  A few popular hosting companies include:

  • Amazon AWS

Monthly costs for hosting a website can range depending on your needs.  Costs are often associated with how many website are being hosted as well as how much traffic they serve over the month.

cloud hosting - hosting a website
Some hosting companies refer to cloud hosting differently. Make sure to understand what each level of service provides. (

Additionally, the type of web application you deploy might determine the hosting needed.  For example, if the need is just hosting a smaller website, possibly using a content management system such as WordPress or Joomla!, then a fairly basic shared hosting service will likely fit.   If hosting multiple websites and web applications, then a cloud hosting with admin access to the servers might better fit the need.

Are there professionals that manage web servers?

A SysAdmin is typically someone that manages a server environment and controls the overall health and uptime of a cloud server.  A SysAdmin may run an entire shared hosting server or can be hired if more complex web hosting is needed.

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